Classic Commercial Show 2019

Shown here, is the early Club stand set-up, with, from left, a 1936 C11/30F, a well-restored Austin A60 MHV4 van, and a very interesting and rare 1955 Morris Oxford pick-up.

This image shows the Club’s stand on the 2nd day, with the 1936 C type still on the left, a 1930 R type next, and a 1962 FGK30 on the end.

This 1955 MO pick-up (or Utility – “Ute”) was built using CKD parts, supplied to BMC Australia. Very little known early history, it was discovered in 2007, and reimported to the UK in 2019. It is in original condition, except for the refurbished dashboard, and some electrical/mechanical upgrades.

On the right is a 1932 L2, which was originally a Royal Mail van. Clearly converted to a flat-bed pick-up in later life.

1938 Series 1 Morris Minor Royal Mail van. Considerable attention to period detail on this example, although the position of the spare wheel, on the door, caused some comment!

Post Office Telephones purchased 2000 + minivans, in the 1960s, Royal Mail buying another 3000. This 1962 example has been extensively restored to original condition. It is believed to be the sole surviving roadworthy example of the PO Telephones minivan fleet.

From the registration, this is a 1972 Post Office Telephones Minor 1000 van. The yellow colour suggests that it was an engineers vehicle.

Morris “E” (or Z) van, no details available.

A 1971 Austin MHV4 A60 van, owned by Member Paul Jarrot. Sign-written as “S J Bird – Chimney Sweeps”.

Maybe the A60 van restorer wanted to cover both brands – it was badged both Austin & Morris!

Gary Sumners immaculately restored 1956 J Type GPO van. This example has won several show prizes, and was much admired.

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