Here is the old Apprentice Association Badge. How much more MCC apprentice memorabilia exists today? If you have anything left from your time at Adderley Park, please send us photos and your memories.

To contact the Club’s Ex-Apprentice Rep, email – johnbayley357@btinternet.com.

There are about 40 former Morris Commercial Cars ex-apprentices who are Club Members. Having completed their engineering apprenticeships, many stayed in the motor industry, either working for British Leyland, (later called MG Rover), or returning to family businesses, at the retail end of the trade. Others moved over to other vehicle or component manufacturers, while others left the industry entirely, to pursue a career in completely different fields of activity.

The Club’s Technical Correspondent and Club Archivist, though not apprenticed to Morris Commercial, was employed by them as an engineer and technical advisor in the Service Technical Department. His contribution has been invaluable.

Whenever we hold a rally, it is always a pleasure to meet up with former colleagues and Ex-Apprentices who served their time at Adderley Park, and exchange memories. Other members, restorers and preservationists, are also always pleased to meet up and chat with people from the old factory.

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