Benefits of Membership

Morris Commercial Club Recalling MagazineThe Morris Commercial Club provides a group home for all Morris Commercial, Morris and Austin commercial, BMC, Leyland Redline and LDV vehicles.

If you own, or are restoring, one of these vehicles, the Morris Commercial Club can provide a useful source of historic vehicle information, together with a potential network of owners, or restorers, whose expertise may help you with your project.

Club membership runs for a full year from your join date and membership of the Morris Commercial Club will give you all of these benefits:

    • Members’ Handbook

      The most invaluable artifact of the Club. Sharing members’ details and their vehicles (except where explicitly withheld) and the ex-apprentices of the Morris factory. You are never alone with the Members’ Handbook, find someone with the same vehicle as yourself.

    • Recalling Magazine

      Our quarterly magazine packed with over 32 pages of valuable information for restoring and looking after your vehicle. With a featured model, historical information, members’ restorations, classifieds and more in every issue.

    • General Handbook

      Information on the types and models of vehicles catered for by the Club including production dates and numbers produced.

    • DVLA V765 Scheme

      The club will help you with re-registration of your vehicle with the DVLA

  • Message Board

    Our Club forum to share ideas, exchange parts, document your restoration and to help others.

  • Discounts to Major Shows

    Discounts to the major indoor shows (e.g. Classic Motor Show)


Join the Morris Commercial Club today

The Morris Commercial Club is also a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), and the Morris Vehicles Association (MVA).

The FBHVC enables the Club to maintain a watching brief on vehicle-related legislation, which could impact on historic (pre-1985) vehicle ownership. It is also the principal body which represents the historic vehicle movement in dealings with the DVLA, and other related Government agencies.

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