Classic Car & Practical Restoration Show NEC 2024

Here are some of the Morris/Austin/BMC – related vehicles seen at the recent NEC show.

Steve Kirby’s J4 Van. A regular exhibit at the NEC shows.

Of most interest, to this Club’s members, was the LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) stand. Morris Minor 1000 vans and pick-ups, (which were built at Adderley Park), were exhibited here.

A well-restored 1969 registered GPO van with appropriate livery.
Perry’s 1969 reg “Signwriter” van, looking very smart.
This 1972 pick-up appears to have been a thorough restoration job. But were those wider rear rims factory fitted? Or are they a later addition?
Another pick-up on this stand. This appears to have undergone a significant restoration, and it seems to be nearing completion.
Rare & unusual Austin 1800 Pick-Up (or “Ute”)
According to the display information, this particular Ute is made rarer by being one of only 2 automatic versions in the UK. It was imported in 2023, from Melbourne, having been found by the present owner in 2013, after it had been parked under a tree for seven years. Previous to this storage (?), it had been a garage runabout from 1980. The present owner reconditioned the engine and gearbox during COVID, and has since driven the vehicle some 4000 miles. Utes, like this one, were used as support vehicles for the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon Rally. Further information from a stand club member clarified the “Specially developed rear suspension”; the rear suspension arms were fitted with larger capacity displacers, (as fitted to front suspension). In addition, an anti-roll bar was also fitted.

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