NEC Classic Car Show – 2022

Club Stand Vehicles

This photo shows some of the vehicles on the Club’s stand. Left 2 Right :-

Austin K3; Morris Z Type van; BMC MTU.

The MTU as seen at the Goodwood F.0.S. Auction, when it was acquired by Paddy Greenwood. A 1961 FF chassis fitted with the classic Marshall body, as commissioned by BMC Service Dept.

The interior of the MTU. This has been converted into a race car transporter but at the show it is not planned for a vehicle to be inside.

The 1940 military canvas cab Austin K3 owned by David Adkins. Thought to be the oldest surviving ex military, canvas cab K3. (SND295).

The 1960 Morris FF 5-ton tipper owned by John Andrew, which has been repainted during lockdown.

The 1950 Morris Z van owned by Paul Williams.
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